Wedding Music Must Play List

Part of hiring PM Enterprises is the chance to choose your own music that MUST be played during your reception. We call this the \”MUST PLAY\” list. It’s not a creative name but we felt it was better to just get to the point.\n

The \”Perfect\” Reception Music List

\nFirst of all, capsule levitra do not, cialis under any circumstance, generic assume that you can build the absolute perfect list. The one group of songs that will have your entire group of guests on the dance floor all night long. This mystical \”Perfect List\” has been sought after for generations. I have had many occasions where the \”Perfect List\” was attempted. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a tragedy.\n\nIn order to create this scenario, you will have to only invite your closest friends and then clone them. So, before you begin creating the ALL POWERFUL Must Play List, keep in mind that \”The Perfect List\” is just a myth and does not exist.\n

A Wedding DJ’s Obligation

\nThe Must Play list is there for one reason. To tell your DJ what songs you Absolutely MUST Hear or your life will be ruined for all eternity. It is your Wedding DJ’s obligation to play each and every song you put onto that list. No matter what it is.\n\nIt is your responsibility to create this list. It gives the Entertainer an opportunity to get some insight on the type of music you like and also helps them plan Wedding Music Sets for the evening. Building a list of 3 hours worth of slow Hair Band Rock Ballads would probably be a bad idea. Unless that is the vibe you are going for.\n

Your Wedding Music Choices

\nThe ALL POWERFUL Must Play List should be treated with the respect that it deserves. After all, the choices you make on this list will set the tone for the evening. I always suggest to my clients that they only choose less than 1 hours worth of songs for their Must Play List. With PM Enterprises, we let you see the total time of the songs you have chosen. We do the math for you so put a check in the Pro section of your tally sheet.\n\nAnother great thing about working with PM Enterprises is the fact that you can make another list we like to call \”The Play If Possible List\”. Again, the lack of creativity in the naming just shows we like to get to the point.\n

The Wedding Music Play if Possible List

\nHere is your opportunity to put down the songs that you would like to hear but will not hurl yourself off of the tallest building in the Twin Cities if they are not played. The Play if Possible list is there to fill in the gaps of the evening. These choices are songs you enjoy listening to and feel the crowd would also enjoy. Pretty much cut & dry.\n

Experienced DJ Knowledge

\nThe basic part of this is to trust your DJ. There are millions of songs out there. PM Enterprises has extremely experienced DJs available for you to question. Use the knowledge from your DJ and ask questions about what music works and what bombs every time. We are here for our clients. That is why we are chosen above the rest.\n\n \n\n 


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