Meet your Wedding DJ at the TCBA Wedding Fair

Finding a Minnesota Wedding DJ at the Twin Cities Bridal Association (TCBA) Wedding Fair could be a very profitable venture. On March 18, patient case 2012, doctor The Wedding Fair will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 11am to 4pm. PM Enterprises will be there once again ready to offer their services for you special day.\n

Tips for Finding that Special Wedding DJ

\nThere will be a lot of different companies at the TCBA Wedding Fair. So how exactly can you filter out the fluff and get the DJ for you. Our suggestion, never hire somebody based on price alone. Ask the questions that rarely get asked, such as, \”Can I pick my own DJ?\”. There are quite a few Minnesota DJ Companies that claim they can find the perfect DJ for you based on your personality. Sometimes this can be true but most of the time they are picking a random individual that is free that night. There is no real guarantee that they will be able to properly get your personality from a few simple answers. At PM Enterprises we allow you to Schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our quality DJ/Entertainers and you can start planning the wedding day of your dreams.\n

TCBA Wedding DJ Hype

\nWe’ve heard it all, \”Our DJ’S have the Experience of the DJs before them…\” to \”Our on-call technician will swoop in to save the day.\”. Let’s be brutally honest, if the DJ you hire has the experience from other DJs, then you can’t be 100% positive they have actually done a wedding themselves otherwise they would have their own experience.\n

When you hire a professional DJ service, there are just some things you should expect for your money: a top-quality sound and lighting system, a broad selection of popular music, and a competent individual who knows something about sound systems and music to name a few.


If you haven’t hired a wedding coordinator, most people look to the wedding DJ to assume that role once the reception begins. If the wedding DJ isn’t up to the task, the results could be disastrous. PM Enterprises is staffed by the Twin Cities most requested and seasoned DJs/Entertainers who know how to manage the flow of your wedding reception; bringing fun, style and spontaneity to your event.


Weeding out the Cheap Wedding DJs

\nLike I mentioned earlier, you should not hire your DJ on price alone. That is a gamble. Our Entertainers have come from the companies that are offering unbelievable low prices. There is a reason that they now work for us. To put this into perspective, if your boss offered your services at a very low rate, how would you feel about doing that job? Would it make you feel better to know that the company would need to take at least 75% of that for operating expenses. Leaving you with 25%. Not only is that disrespectful to you but very rarely is somebody enthusiastic about working a full day for very little pay.\n\nThat is why we offer realistic deals for our services and treat our DJs with the respect they deserve. To provide fun, affordable DJ entertainment that would leave great lasting memories for our customers, friends, family and guests, our staff of DJ/Entertainers combine decades of experience with superior technical and people skills to create unique, worry-free events that reflect the vision of our clients and will be remembered for years to come.\n

Stop by Booth #218 to See Us

\nPM Enterprises will be in Booth #218 at the TCBA Wedding Fair to answer your questions and save your date. We will be offering an opportunity to book our services that day with only a $100 deposit. The package prices will also be reduced to show our support to the Twin Cities Bridal Association Wedding Fair and make it more affordable for you to get the experienced wedding dj you desire. We look forward to seeing you at the TCBA Wedding Fair March 18, 2012.


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