Wedding Music Must Play List

Part of hiring PM Enterprises is the chance to choose your own music that MUST be played during your reception. We call this the \”MUST PLAY\” list. It’s not a creative name but we felt it was better to just get to the point.\n

The \”Perfect\” Reception Music List

\nFirst of all, capsule levitra do not, cialis under any circumstance, generic assume that you can build the absolute perfect list. The one group of songs that will have your entire group of guests on the dance floor all night long. This mystical \”Perfect List\” has been sought after for generations. I have had many occasions where the \”Perfect List\” was attempted. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a tragedy.\n\nIn order to create this scenario, you will have to only invite your closest friends and then clone them. So, before you begin creating the ALL POWERFUL Must Play List, keep in mind that \”The Perfect List\” is just a myth and does not exist.\n

A Wedding DJ’s Obligation

\nThe Must Play list is there for one reason. To tell your DJ what songs you Absolutely MUST Hear or your life will be ruined for all eternity. It is your Wedding DJ’s obligation to play each and every song you put onto that list. No matter what it is.\n\nIt is your responsibility to create this list. It gives the Entertainer an opportunity to get some insight on the type of music you like and also helps them plan Wedding Music Sets for the evening. Building a list of 3 hours worth of slow Hair Band Rock Ballads would probably be a bad idea. Unless that is the vibe you are going for.\n

Your Wedding Music Choices

\nThe ALL POWERFUL Must Play List should be treated with the respect that it deserves. After all, the choices you make on this list will set the tone for the evening. I always suggest to my clients that they only choose less than 1 hours worth of songs for their Must Play List. With PM Enterprises, we let you see the total time of the songs you have chosen. We do the math for you so put a check in the Pro section of your tally sheet.\n\nAnother great thing about working with PM Enterprises is the fact that you can make another list we like to call \”The Play If Possible List\”. Again, the lack of creativity in the naming just shows we like to get to the point.\n

The Wedding Music Play if Possible List

\nHere is your opportunity to put down the songs that you would like to hear but will not hurl yourself off of the tallest building in the Twin Cities if they are not played. The Play if Possible list is there to fill in the gaps of the evening. These choices are songs you enjoy listening to and feel the crowd would also enjoy. Pretty much cut & dry.\n

Experienced DJ Knowledge

\nThe basic part of this is to trust your DJ. There are millions of songs out there. PM Enterprises has extremely experienced DJs available for you to question. Use the knowledge from your DJ and ask questions about what music works and what bombs every time. We are here for our clients. That is why we are chosen above the rest.\n\n \n\n 


Minnesota DJ Poll “Greatest Love Song of All Time”

Recently, no rx patient we asked our Facebook friends, seek Twitter connections and Random people on the streets, \”In your opinion, What is the Greatest Love Song of All Time?\”\n\nEven though we didn’t get as many responses as we wished for, the results were pretty good. Here is the list (in no particular order) of the songs people gave us.\n\n\”Faithfully\” by Journey\n\n\”Fade in to You\” by Mazzy Starr\n\n\”Just a Kiss\” by Lady Antebellum\n\n\”Love You ’till the End\” by The Pogues\n\n\”Tainted Love\” by Soft Cell\n\n\”You’re the Inspiration\” by Chicago\n\n\”Forever\” by Chris Brown\n\n\”Into the Mystic\” by Van Morrison\n\n\”True Companion\” by Marc Cohn\n\n\”The Unforgiven\” by Metallica\n\n\”Someone Like You\” by Adele\n\n\”Love Stinks\” by J. Geils Band\n\n\”Unchained Melody\” by The Righteous Brothers\n\n\”Amazed\” by Lonestar\n\n\”The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face\” by Roberta Flack\n\n\”You are so Beautiful\” by Joe Cocker\n\n\”Easy\” by Lionel Richie\n\n\”Sex and Violence\” by The Exploited\n\n\”Amor Confuso\” by Gerano Ortiz\n\n\”My Heart Will Go On\” by Celine Dion\n\n\”Wonderful Tonight\” by Eric Clapton\n\nDefinitely a wide variety of songs on this list. As you can see, PM Enterprises carries these wide variety of songs. Each time we DJ a Wedding, Corporate Event, School Dance or just a Party, we have Tens of Thousands of songs at our disposal. Feel free to check out our music library and tell us if we are missing some of your favorites.\n\nNext Poll …\n\n\”What is Your Favorite Group Dance?\”


Book the Wedding DJ Early

Your wedding is over a year away and you ask yourself, sales medical \”Why would I hire a DJ now when I have so much time?\” That is a common question but also a common misconception. Choosing to hire your DJ a couple of months before your reception will leave you without good, reliable DJ choices.\n

Wedding DJ Dilemma

\nI often wonder why couples expect the DJ they want to be available at the last moment. The fact is, a good wedding dj starts booking shows one or more years in advance. When you meet that special DJ, the chances of them having your date open with 6 months notice is extremely thin. The better the DJ, the least amount of open dates they have a year from now.\n

Minnesota DJs – Supply & Demand

\nJust like any other consumer product, popular Wedding DJs are \”First Come, First Served.\” They are only able to do one reception a night. These One of a Kind DJs are commonly booked completely from referrals alone. The couples that hired them knew that if they waited too long, they would be forced to go with the company that has DJs without the experience and recognition the good DJs have. The Great Wedding DJs are known by their name first and then the company they work with.\n\nAs I stated, there are companies that supply a lot of DJs that are available for the last minute shopper. They can also be relatively inexpensive and are able to hire people with no experience, train them to play music and do the popular dances. What they can not do is train these Assembly Line DJs to be good at it. The catch is, the companies that do the most receptions a year will hire random individuals just so they can claim to have the most DJs. That does not mean they are good.\n\nConsider it like going to a convenience store to get a birthday present for somebody you care deeply about hours before their party. It will suit the purpose but it just won’t be as good as spending time to find that special gift that says how much you care for them.\n

Top MN Wedding DJs are Guilty by Association

\nChances are great that the Best Wedding DJ in Minnesota and the Midwest will be associated with other Great Wedding DJs in Minnesota. It is heartbreaking to know that the DJ your friends and family told you about, the Wedding DJ you desire, is going to be doing an awesome job at somebody else’s wedding. Do not get depressed and spiral down to the cookie cutter DJ companies, just look at the company that DJ works with. The most requested DJs in Minnesota tend to be with a company that they respect and only hires other incredible DJs.\n\nUnless the DJ you wanted is a solo act, they will be willing to refer you to another DJ they feel would do an excellent job for you. Professional Wedding DJs will only refer other top notch Professional Wedding DJs. When asked, they will be able to give you the name of another DJ they respect. Not just the company they work for but an actual name of an entertainer.\n

Hire that DJ Before it is Too Late

\nTo answer the previous question of why you should hire your Wedding DJ a year or more in advance is simple, to get the best. In Minnesota, Wedding DJs can make or break your very special night. They will be one of the main reasons your wedding reception is one of the best times you and your guests ever had or the worst reception in the history of bad receptions. Hiring your DJ early will insure that you get the person your friends and family refer for a good time. You can focus on the other important aspects of the most important night of your life with assurance that your reception will be a success.


Meet your Wedding DJ at the TCBA Wedding Fair

Finding a Minnesota Wedding DJ at the Twin Cities Bridal Association (TCBA) Wedding Fair could be a very profitable venture. On March 18, patient case 2012, doctor The Wedding Fair will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 11am to 4pm. PM Enterprises will be there once again ready to offer their services for you special day.\n

Tips for Finding that Special Wedding DJ

\nThere will be a lot of different companies at the TCBA Wedding Fair. So how exactly can you filter out the fluff and get the DJ for you. Our suggestion, never hire somebody based on price alone. Ask the questions that rarely get asked, such as, \”Can I pick my own DJ?\”. There are quite a few Minnesota DJ Companies that claim they can find the perfect DJ for you based on your personality. Sometimes this can be true but most of the time they are picking a random individual that is free that night. There is no real guarantee that they will be able to properly get your personality from a few simple answers. At PM Enterprises we allow you to Schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our quality DJ/Entertainers and you can start planning the wedding day of your dreams.\n

TCBA Wedding DJ Hype

\nWe’ve heard it all, \”Our DJ’S have the Experience of the DJs before them…\” to \”Our on-call technician will swoop in to save the day.\”. Let’s be brutally honest, if the DJ you hire has the experience from other DJs, then you can’t be 100% positive they have actually done a wedding themselves otherwise they would have their own experience.\n

When you hire a professional DJ service, there are just some things you should expect for your money: a top-quality sound and lighting system, a broad selection of popular music, and a competent individual who knows something about sound systems and music to name a few.


If you haven’t hired a wedding coordinator, most people look to the wedding DJ to assume that role once the reception begins. If the wedding DJ isn’t up to the task, the results could be disastrous. PM Enterprises is staffed by the Twin Cities most requested and seasoned DJs/Entertainers who know how to manage the flow of your wedding reception; bringing fun, style and spontaneity to your event.


Weeding out the Cheap Wedding DJs

\nLike I mentioned earlier, you should not hire your DJ on price alone. That is a gamble. Our Entertainers have come from the companies that are offering unbelievable low prices. There is a reason that they now work for us. To put this into perspective, if your boss offered your services at a very low rate, how would you feel about doing that job? Would it make you feel better to know that the company would need to take at least 75% of that for operating expenses. Leaving you with 25%. Not only is that disrespectful to you but very rarely is somebody enthusiastic about working a full day for very little pay.\n\nThat is why we offer realistic deals for our services and treat our DJs with the respect they deserve. To provide fun, affordable DJ entertainment that would leave great lasting memories for our customers, friends, family and guests, our staff of DJ/Entertainers combine decades of experience with superior technical and people skills to create unique, worry-free events that reflect the vision of our clients and will be remembered for years to come.\n

Stop by Booth #218 to See Us

\nPM Enterprises will be in Booth #218 at the TCBA Wedding Fair to answer your questions and save your date. We will be offering an opportunity to book our services that day with only a $100 deposit. The package prices will also be reduced to show our support to the Twin Cities Bridal Association Wedding Fair and make it more affordable for you to get the experienced wedding dj you desire. We look forward to seeing you at the TCBA Wedding Fair March 18, 2012.